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Dear Marketer,

If you're like many frustrated marketers trying to promote a great product with an even better sales page, you are probably getting tired of all the false promises from traffic exchanges and "How To" books.

You have heard countless times about  "The List" - "The List" - "The List"

Its true. The money is in the list. But how in the world can you go about getting a list when you don't even have a list!! You can't even get people to your website. It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

But you know if you could just get "Targeted Prospects" to you website, your product and Salespage will have you "Making Money Like A Printing Press!"

The "Temporary" fix to your problem: You could go to one of those email marketing warehouses and pay $1500 for a ONE-TIME Email Campaign to only 20,000 people.

If You Are Sick & Tired Of ...

  • Emailing your ads to people who just have auto-responders or spam protection services. And when they respond it's for "their" ad.

  • Desperately Trying to find real people who will buy your products.

  • Studying the impossible search engines to try to get your site listed. And when you do you find your on page 38. Who goes that far back?

  • Spending a Fortune on Banner Ads that NOBODY READS.

  • Being called a spammer for sending too many emails.

  • Falling time and time again for the "Latest Super Gizmo-Generator" all to find that it really is just a GIZMO!

  • Racking your brain trying to grow your own "wonderful opt-in list" 2 people per week.

  • All the "Hype" after "Hype" from every so called EXPERT online.

  • Paying $79 per clip just to send one "SOLO" ad out to an ezine of 8000 members..

.... .... We have the solution

Opt-in Email Marketing Works!

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Our opt-in sources come from an undisclosed amount of places every day bringing thousands of new prospects ASKING to get the information you want to provide each month.

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We do the mailings from our own servers saving you the time and trouble!

By using our High Traffic Opt-In Email Blaster Software, you can advertise your products and services by email without fear of being accused of SPAM. Every email message sent fully discloses the source of the message and allows list members to remove themselves immediately if they choose.

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